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Rey, Maul, Han, and Boba & General Hero feedback & improvements

(This is a copy of a thread I made a while back, but I'm gonna post it here so the dev's can see it more clearly.)During my playtime with the heroes, I had a lot of fun. But I've concluded that they could use some improvements as they are kind of under whelming.
But first let’s start off with a few things that apply to all of the heroes in the beta & hopefully every other hero that'll be in the game at launch.

The Light Saber: When I cut up someone with the light saber the body parts don't get cut off, and the massive flare that came off there bodies weren't there like the last battlefront, just some small Sparks and some smoke. That made the light saber deaths very unsatisfying for me. As in other star wars media, you saw large flares and Sparks come off an opponents body when they got sliced by a light saber, now it's just Lame in this game.
The lens flare that came off the light saber glow seemed very lazy and uncreative, I much prefer they how made it look like in the EA Battle Front 2 trailers, The Force Awakens or Star Wars Rebels, those light sabers did the glow right.
Also the light sabers in this game don't glow in the dark which I found to be REALLY lame. Same with the blaster bolts.
The light saber slashes on the wall and opponents & deflected laser shot's need more satisfying noises, I'm sure there is a ton of light saber sound fonts from all star wars media you guys can work with & integrate into this game.

In the hero customization screen, there should be an option in the menu where you can customize your light saber stance (You know like the one you walk around with) with a certain hero, (This might be asking for to much --->) and you could have your own fighting style that comes with the light saber stance. These fighting styles & light saber stances can come in the loot boxes or can be bought by any other currency that's used in the hero customization menu.

Heroes being identified on the battlefield: I wish the Heroes, Announcer & Soldiers from other eras could address and identify the era there in and what exactly is happening in the battle. Like they don't say anything about the droids or clones, not even the MTT.
Have Han and Rey say stuff like "Watch out for those battle droids!" Or "We gotta take this MTT down!" Or even, "Clones! Follow me!"
Darth Vader could be talking to Bossk or something and they mention the Empire in a clone wars battle, I mean come on that empire didn't even happen in the clone wars.
Have Vader talk about how he's served the separatist for quite some time & Bossk enjoying his payment from the separatist.
Having cool stuff like this happen immerses you even more into the universe, so that way the cool what if battles like Vader with the battle droids actually make sense in the game universe.

Also Heroes from separate era's must be able to identify each other. It was very annoying not having Han Solo say something like "Two blades?! Heh, still no match for my blaster." to Darth Maul.
Don't make the same mistake with the other heroes, Like maybe Princess Leia recognizes Kylo Ren is actually her son, or Rey is all like "Master Yoda?! I thought you were a myth!" and Yoda is all like "Arrived I have. Deceive you, your eyes do not."
Here's some more potential lines just to give them an idea "Powerful you are indeed hmm, but still much to learn apprentice." ~Yoda "You'll find that I'm more capable than you realize" ~ Rey
All of these lines, both big and small, shape up the game to be even more immersive & cool.

Hero Ability recharge time: Have star cards that lessen the amount of time an ability takes to recharge.

Stuns: You should be able to escape the shock grenade a lot easier. The Flash bang shouldn’t blind you for as long as it does, it makes you completely vulnerable to attack & it is very frustrating to deal with.

Force wielder vs Vehicles: Force wielders or Light saber users should be able to damage the ATRT & AAT. Those vehicles should not be able to dominate & demolish the light sabers heroes as of now, the saber wielders need have to have some kind of defense against them right? Have the their abilities damage the vehicles as well.

Vehicle vs Heroes: The vehicles & star fighters do waaay to much damage to the heroes. Tone down the base damage by like 40% or Have the splash damage do less damage than it already does. Every time I see an ATRT as maul it just runs straight at me & blasts my soul away because it knows I can’t do anything to it.
Also Vehicles (Including the MTT) should NOT be able to trample or do trample damage to other heroes or reinforcements, the feeling of spending all of those battle points on the hero you wanted to play as & just getting run over and dying instantly is not fun at all. It’s one of the most painful things that can happen to you on the battlefront.

Health system: The new system can be very frustrating for & other players at times, but I’ve learned to adjust to it and the playstyle that comes with it. But the way they can please everyone, is by having the maximum amount of health you can heal be increased.
Like for example with the blaster heroes they can now heal up 300% health, instead of 150% health being regenerated. And the Light saber wielders get to have 400% of their health regenerate, instead of 300%. This way people can have the heroes for much longer & therefore have more fun.

Maybe have star cards for the Heroes that increases the Health Regen on your Hero, like for example without the star card you'd Regen 150-200-250 health, the star card as bronze would Regen you to 300, the silver card regens you to 350, the gold card 400, and finally with the legendary card you Regen 450 health back.

Battle Points: The amount of score you earn as hero right now in the beta is kind of underwhelming. So instead of earning a Tenth of your battle points when you get kills as a hero, you get a sixth of the battle points earned while getting score as a hero.
Also the amount of battle points to get a hero should be increased each time he / she is picked. Like for example it’ll cost 6000 points to get Darth Maul once he is already picked. Each time a hero is picked, 1000+ extra battle points gets added to the usual costs of 5000 battle points. Which means the battle point costs gradually increase each time the same hero is chosen. This is so that way the same hero doesn’t get picked over & over. Thus causing incentive for players to have variety in their hero play.

Rey: Her block isn’t that great,and you have no idea where the deflected laser bolts are going! You have to be extremely accurate by aiming directly with your reticle (Have the aim be more forgiving). It doesn’t do enough damage (Have the deflected laser bolts do more damage). You also can’t even tell where the laser bolts are going (Have the particle bolts be more visible).
Let detonators like the barrage & grenade be able to get deflected. The block should cause explosives & splash damage to be decreased by 50%.

The Mind trick isn’t that great either. Your completely vulnerable to attack while using it, especially when the droids can still shoot you while the they’re Mind tricked. Have it switch around the abilities, like for example instead of pressing LB RB to activate your main ability, you’d have to press Y instead. The other abilities binded to LB and RB are switched around as well. But there is only one switch combination though, it would be OP if my shooting button was binded to LS all of a sudden when I’m familiar with it being binded to LT, although that would make for a very nice buff.
Lastly your opponent’s blaster fire becomes very inaccurate while they’re mind tricked, this also doesn’t apply to Villains. The enemy's radar could be jammed as a result of being mind tricked.

Han Solo: Honestly I think Han is one of the more weaker hero’s, but he’s also very good in the right hands.

First off his Shoulder charge is very clunky and awkward. I do not like how the camera is zoomed in when I use it, it’s very awkward. It should damage multiple people, it should allow for increased movement like Rey’s dash, and lastly the end part of it is painfully slow, make it faster.

The Detonite Charge upgrade star cards are incredibly overpowered when upgraded. Tone down the damage bonus & give it more splash radius and have it recharge a tiny bit faster with each upgraded star card to accommodate for the damage nerf.

I like his Sharp Shooter ability, but I feel incredibly immobile while using it. I should at least be able to walk faster or sprint while the ability is active. I despise how it automatically zooms in for no reason like the shoulder charge ability. I should be able to zoom in when I want too. I also would like to disable it when I feel I no longer need it, kind of like Leia's trooper bane from the last game.

Boba Fett: Also here’s a Hero idea! Why is Boba’s flame thrower not an actual ability? (Maybe it’s being reserved for Jango hmm.) I think it should be, as I thought it was really cool in the last game and would love for it to be included in the game. But if it were to be in the game as an ability, have it go farther & it leaves a trail of fire as it goes along the floor and wall. It should also burn your opponents like the stinger pistol, except this time its 3x as dangerous.

Alright now that I’m done with that lets move onto Boba’s actual abilities.

His Scan pulse should go farther.
His Concussion rocket should last longer on infantry, its perfect on the heroes.
Boba’s EE-3 feels surprisingly inaccurate & awkward. It is very hard to land shots with his gun, make it more accurate, but not so accurate that he’ll start sniping at the back of the map with it.

Splash / explosion damage from any source should not swat Boba out of the sky, it was very painful plummeting to the ground defenseless when the Wookiee Warrior shot at me with his bow castor. Only other heroes should be able to disable his Jet Pack functionality like that, like maybe Rey's mind trick stops his jet pack & he plummets to the ground for example.

Darth Maul: Ahh, Maul. My favorite hero in the game so far. You know there’s very little they can do to improve him in the game, he feels almost perfect! He’s just so cool with that iconic light saber & just they have almost everything about him spot on. Except for a few minor things I have listed below that they can improve on for him.

When he dodges to the right & rapidly twirls his light saber, that should be his block animation if they ever decide to give him one. (Press crouch to the right & primary attack as Maul, you’ll see what I mean.) Although a block would ultimately make him really overpowered, as he’s already a cold blooded killer if you play him right.

His voice is to silent, I can hardly hear him sometimes.

For some reason you can deflect laser bolts while using the dash ability (Crazy right?), although it’s a very rare
occurrence & is useless. Or maybe I'm just going insane.

His saber throw needs a bigger hit box or a small lock on.

Give him that dark stud in his left ear from the phantom menace.

Let me turn off one blade so I can reenact his iconic fight with Qui-Gon Jin. Maybe even give him a few more cool light saber moves when one of the blades are off, possibly even a new light saber stance.

Alright that just about wraps it up, I’m generally happy with how these heroes turned out, I still enjoy them a lot. But somethings just have to be improved to better the hero experience. I want to actually feel like I’m making a difference on the battlefront.
I will most likely return to this thread once I've played ALL of the heroes extensively with all of the upgrade cards. Just so I can squeeze in as much feed back as possible sense EA seems to be listening to most of our feedback.

Lemme know if you have any idea’s for improving the heroes OR if you didn’t like what I wrote, and tell me why as well. Have a nice day.
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How to make Every Hero Viable in Battlefront 2



  • Rogueb0beroo
    168 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    Wow. I dont usually agree with everything in long posts like this, but you have got it bang on!! I completly agree with EVERYTHING you said, especially the heros becoming more expensive each time you play as them!
  • spot on bro
  • The lightsabers in this game do suck, they were much better in the first game. The glow was very realistic, especially in the dark. Also, the blaster bolts need more of a glow like the first game as well. I totally agree with many of your ideas. The sabers and blasters had great effects in the first game, why did they change it?
    EA and Dice, listen to your gamers, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Please put back the older, better effects.
  • Boba has a flamethrower. It's his melee.
  • Tomm3hgunn wrote: »
    Boba has a flamethrower. It's his melee.

    It's quite bad now as it is.
    Battlefront II has a 45.8% chance of success.
  • agreed heroes need buffs, especially hero health regeneration needs to be better. @Guillaume-Dice @Sledgehammer70
  • Hi hope ur all ok Just a few of my ideas for future dlc Heroes..IG-88, Obiwan Kenobi,
    Grand Admiral Thrawn, 4-Lom, Zuckuss
    Plus I know it's a big no no but it would be great to see both Omega and Delta squad kicking *****
    In Clone war era!
    If not... then how about Create your own Hero?
  • Abilities of heroes seem to be quite similar at the moment e.g. multiple heroes have abilities similar to force push. Personally Mind Trick and Freeze are innovative to some extent. An ability to throw one's lightsaber like a spear, and then leap forward towards the lightsaber to cause more damage may be viable, something similar to Warp in Final Fantasy.

    Just my two cents.
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