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Has the Squad system been addressed?

After the much needed change to the Lootbox System, I worry that the spawn wave system not be fixed before launch.


> I play with friends
> I join the game with said friends
> Spawn together and enjoy the game
> One of us dies and are forced into a squad without a option to spawn on my teammate (Provided he is out of combat etc)
> Feel like i'm playing alone with my friend in voice comm's


  • This has not been fixed yet?

    If you play with friends, is it not possible to spawn together????

    How is that possible??
  • How they over looked this is beyond me. BF1 was perfect. if you wanted to be a well rounded team you could have assault, heavy, medic, and scout. but this new platform is terrible. no one works as a team, no one can communicate, and they just run off. what is the point?
  • Nope not adressed at all.

    Its really sad and really takes the fun away..

    I rather play Battlefront 1 now with its Partner System than a pointless group spawn system
  • Gotta admit, expected this to be fixed. Really hope it's in an update really soon.
  • This is the worst problem i saw in the beta, and i see that its the same now.


    Cant understand this.

    Anyone knows how to contact EA so they can now this big problem?
    Anyone knows if they are going to fix it?
  • lol, you can't play with friends? you mean you can't party up, get in a game together, and find each other? instead of magically appearing in the middle of the battlefield behind enemy lines?
  • Please write here in the bugs section so they can check this issue and solve it!
    It is important that we write there so they can check and solve it.
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