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December CC

Locked Heroes...? Are You Kidding Me?!



  • I'm not above buying a hero so I can focus on said hero. As I get better and more comfortablr with the game I will spend a little to have the experince.
  • I was looking forward to this game. But honestly I don't think I will get it unless its on sale now. I do not want to spend weeks of my life grinding for different characters only to get them and be wrecked by those who basically bought them outright at the start.
    That is pay to win and that is garbage. Now I know I that the next Battlefield game that Dice makes will probably feature this same crap since EA is the money sucking vampire of the gaming world and wont rest until it has all the money.

    If you support this crap shame on you. Halo 5 did it the right way, where the microtranscations only affected 1 game mode, and even then you could get legendary cards no problem.
    This is too much.
  • This is ridiculous. I dont buy this game until all heroes come unlocked from the start. My friends and I already canceled their purchase until EA fix this.
  • All I see is a bunch of whining and moaning. Don't buy it then that's fine. To ask for all of the hero's to be unlocked.... That's a like over the top.
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