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Who will be the "tank" for the Heroes?

Vader is the obvious tank for the Villains at 900 health but who is the tank for the Heroes? Chewie has 650 health; I'm kind of surprised at this but I understand them wanting more health for CQC heroes. As it stands, Rey is the tank of the Heroes at 750 health. Seems odd. I would've expected them to make Chewie the tank but if they wanted to delegate a tank to a lightsaber wielder then wouldn't Luke "fit the bill?" 800 health would've even been fine for Luke. Yoda has the potential to have 900 health through his Inspire ability but still...that's temporary. Thoughts?


  • Yeah I'm surprised Chewie doesn't have more. I guess it's because he's ranged.. but maybe they could have had his bowcaster have greater fall off damage. He's a wookie, there's no reason Rey should have more health than him.
  • I have the EA Access trial. So some heroes have Star Cards that allow them to increase their max health. Surprisingly, Vader is one of them. He can max out at 1050 health (900 basic health + 150 health from maxed out Star Card). Other heroes that have this ability are Chewie and Leia. I'm disappointed that Luke isn't about 800 health in order to have someone who can be matched against Vader immediately; either 800 health or a Star Card to increase his max health would've been good. Either way, Darth Vader is an absolute beast right now. Not even Yoda can take him, from what I've seen. I played Yoda against Vader (who did have two Star Cards) and he absolutely tore my team up. Haven't seen Vader vs Luke yet but I'd assume that if a 700 health Luke is going against a 1050 health Vader, father will manhandle son.
    Side note: some heroes have Star Cards that allow them to heal when they defeat an infantry (heal increases significantly if you take out another hero).
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