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200 credits per match?



  • so if Vader costs 60k and I only get 200 per match, that means I gotta play 300 matches just to unlock one hero and nothing else? let's be conservative and say each match is 10 minutes (conservative) by my calculation that means 50 hours of play to unlock ONE HERO???

    Dice.....I have been defending you and battlefront for years now. with all the hate you got which I thought was mostly unwarranted, I defended tooth and nail. if I am missing something, please say. if this is actually true, it is utter ridiculousness and I will NOT buy this game

    I don’t think it will take that long to get Vader. Players of average skill level say they’ve collected 15,000 credits in just 3 hours of play.

    im assuming those are the challenges in the beginning. one time challenges. feels like 15k credits in 3 hours won't be the consistent rate
  • Where do all these extra credits come from if you are only getting 200 per match?
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