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Battlepoint issues and short matches

Battlepoints so far are okay. They are definitely better than the tokens, but also can be frustrating. I noticed they increased the price to be certain heroes from 4-5k (beta) to 6-8k (Trial). That’s a lot and can be hard to get especially from the length of matches some Galactic Assault or Starfighter Assault matches can end within minutes. Where does anyone (besides the best player in the match) have the skill and time to get 8k points within a 5-10 minute match? I have played as a hero 4 times out of 20 Galactic Assault matches. Mainly because I spent battlepoints to get other things to try, such as; jet troopers, fighters, tanks. Those can also be expensive at 2-3k battlepoints with fighters being the cheapest at 400-600 battlepoints, which is more reasonable than 2-3k for a special unit. The battlepoints are also distributed very weirdly. I was on a 5-10 person killstreak as a trooper, or even Rey, and only received about 400 battlepoints. While I played as a Starfighter for 20 seconds then accidentally crashed with no kills and received 900… Where is the reward in that? Another example is with a jet trooper I took down 5-10 people and got killed by another player, I only received 600 points. So the cost vs reward is very off to me. 2k for a jet trooper only to return with 600 points? It makes me want to never play ships, special classes, or tanks in order to save up points for a hero. The only real time I racked up points was when I was playing as an officer class and kept giving people buffs and randomly picked off a couple enemies from a distance and hiding. Otherwise I struggled as an Assault, Heavy or Specialist class. This may be another thing they need to explain better on how the classes should work in order to gain battlepoints.


  • I will start a new thread on this, but I actually had kinda the same feeling about battle points. My question is how on earth do some people rack up 3k points in under 3 minutes of a match starting. They must be doing something right, I'm just unaware of what or how to wrack up points so early.
  • It is Easy to accumulate points, stick with your squad mates and it skyrockets. My record in one match is 31k points.
  • JT90 wrote: »
    It is Easy to accumulate points, stick with your squad mates and it skyrockets. My record in one match is 31k points.

    thats the thing, not everyone sticks together....
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