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Soldier skin selection/visual customization

So, apparently unfortunately there seems to be no skin selection/visual customization for soldiers in the game at launch. This to me is somewhat disappointing, as it was fun to select your preferred gender/species/head in the last game and made your own character a bit more unique and personal. Also it feels weird if Rebel & Imperial officers are all running around with the same face, as they are not clones.
I really hope the devs will add some customization options/skin selection post launch.
We don’t need a very detailed and complex system, just something like in the last game, to add more fun and make your own charcter more personal.
I hope the devs will at least add the following options sometime:

Imperial & First Order officers:
- head & gender options

Imperial & First Order troopers:
- gender & pauldron options

Rebel & Resistance Trooper/officers:
- head & gender & species options

Clone Troopers:

- Armor color/pattern selection


  • Ya it's annoying that everytime I'm playing as either rebels or the resistance I'm the same Chinese woman hahaha
  • Seriously ea?! You have so many customisation options from bf1, you can import them to bf2
  • Agreed 100% with everything you've said.

    I hope we get a variant of battle droid that has a cleaner version of the armor, because the one in this battlefront seems to be going for the more battle scarred versions in the phantom menace rather than cleaner models.

    Maybe we could get the battle droids with green markings from that jedi power battles game. I would love to see more stuff added from other star wars media into the customization system.

    They should show how much they care for the game by letting have more diverse options when it comes to customization.
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