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December CC

Origin Upnp issues STILL?

1st of all I'd like to say that this has been an issue since battlefield 4.There are tons of suggestions online for workarounds and other ways of mitigating this however none work consistently.

In short, people in the same house or with the same router cannot play in games together. Sometimes it will let both players in but in most cases only one person gets into the game while the other gets sent back to the main menu. As I am in a house with multiple other gamers it is a pain to all own a game and not be able to play it together.

Does origin recognize that this issue exists even? Do they care? I know that the days of gaming with other people in person are slowly fading but this seems like an amazingly stupid problem to be persistent through so many games. As someone who has played every interation of battlefront and battlefield since 1942 I can say that I've paid my dues to this company and would like to see this simple issue fixed or a functional work around provided. This will be my last origin purchase until I hear that it's been remedied as I might as well play on friends' accounts if I can't play with them.
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