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December CC

Things in trial i hope aren't in release

The game seems really good but it feels like DICE missed some small things and QoL improvements.

This may be a bit long but I felt these needed attention. I know they won't hit on release but I mean you could fix small stuff like this within the first month.

1) Can't see what map I'm on

When you continue from one game to another, you should show what map we're on in character selection screen.

2) Stop changing my default class pick

When I pick one I want to respawn as that one as default, for rest of game.

3) Vehicles need respawn timers

After you destroy a vehicle/ship there needs to be a respawn timer. When you're in air combat and destroy the other aerial units you should get a reward of having some time (20 seconds?) to actually assault the ground units. Not having to go right back into aerial combat 5 seconds later.

This was a huge problem in BF1 can't believe you didn't fix this. Aerial units spawn so fast you basically have to just sit there spawncamping them. And that's not fun.

4) Shotgun way too strong for starting weapon

OHK starting at level 1? Cmon.

5) When i earn credits at an end of a match, show my total credits.

I don't want to have to go back to the main screen to find out how many I have and if I can buy another crate.

6) Increase the size of area ships can travel for out of bounds

Seriously fly up for 3 second and you're out of area? Can barely even do a bombing run with that.

Size should be doubled, if not trippled, for ships to travel before out of bounds.

7) Tickets seem too low.

100 tickets is too low for many of these maps, would love to see increase to 150, and 50 gained on area progression.

8) Changing class at start of game should be instant respawn

When the game starts me with wrong class, or I just want to swap, clicking respawn and picking a new class should spawn instantly and not make you wait.

9) Map rotations are dumb

Now in BF1 you only had like 4 maps. If you started on defense on map 1, you would be offense on map 2, def map 3, off map 4, then def map 1 again. So you would be in the same exact rotation all day long, never changing sides basically.

To fix this you added in later to play offense then defense on same map. OK problem 'kinda' solved.

However you don't need to do that in this game!

Just keep an ODD number of maps in rotation. Then you can be offense on map 1, def map 2, off map 3, def map 4, off map 5, then you would be def on map 1. We don't need to play the same map twice in a row all day every day.

Also if you do decide that my simple fix for keeping things fresh isn't good enough and you want to keep this rotation of going offense then defense on same map, the winner of the game should be the team that gets the furthest on offense. Not defenders winning basically every game, forcing a 50% win rate.

10) What does winning get you?

Where's my motivation to die and sacrifice my life for my teams victory?

I'm not seeing any. So me, and everyone else, ends up not caring about winning that much and just killing without dying.

I saw 2 heroes in a game just farming kills never going for objective. Know why? They don't care if the team wins or not. Now this would be partially fixed if there were a RANKED MODE, but also there needs to be some kind of incentive for winning. Big enough to make people want to win.


  • bfloo
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    1) That is annoying, but we'll get to know the rotation eventually.

    2) It did keep it for me, I just had to hit the button to start.

    3) I didn't see enough vehicles to really notice.

    4) It was taking me 2 hits for a kill

    5) I don't like having to go out of the game to open a crate either

    6) The one time I used a fighter I barely got back in bounds in time

    7) The tickets are low, but the maps have a clear bias for the defenders

    8) Never tried

    9) 22 games to go through the entire rotation is extremely long. I'd prefer era locked playlists.

    10) There doesn't seem to be much incentive to win or lose, credits wise, but I always play to win.

    I think heroes are avoiding the objective because the heroes aren't going to hold up long at the objective in this game.
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  • As for heroes hiding, I think it's just a matter of it being new, and most people aren't comfortable yet. They are afraid they will just get waisted and vicariously waste the points they spent on heroes.
  • Double roll. Ability to cover so much distance with a roll. There should be a lockout between the ability to roll. All people do is roll twice when they’re getting shot to escape all damage.
  • Well since I can't seem to edit my post I'll add 11 here.

    11) Fall back should put you at spawn

    If timer runs out to fall back, you should be placed at spawn. Not killed. Sometimes you're not in a good enough position to even get to safe place in time.

    And if you're in a ship and get kicked out, points should be refunded.
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