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Please add skirmish mode

Before I start, I want to say to the devs that I have played three hours of my trial so far and have loved every second of it! The first few campaign missions are fun, the galactic assault matches are cleverly set up and have nice cinematic openings and endings (so far the Death Star II opening for Rebels is my favorite), and the starfighter assault gameplay is sooo satisfying. So devs, make sure you take a breather, the game is about to release and you are all about to bring so much fun and joy to millions of players!

That being said... I think you know what is going to be the biggest desire for all of players on the forums here. The introduction of Skirmish Mode.

Honestly you could have scraped all of the Arcade mode, and just done Skirmish/ instant action instead, because nobody is going to find arcade mode satisfying in the long run.

I know you want to have a successful game, since you guys really put in the effort this time around, so don't let your game receive flak for a lack of a skirmish mode when you know it should have been in there in the first place

I did hear there was a rumor that skirmish mode is coming in 2018, so if any of you have a link to where that originated from I would greatly appreciate it
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