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Less than three days utill deluxe release

With less than three days untill deluxe release I thought it high time for a hype thread! So to pass the time let's have some fun. Here's some questions.

1)What mode are you most excited to play?

2)If you could personally pick one hero or reinforcement to be added, what would you choose? Nothing's too far out, this is for fun.

3)What are you doing to pass the time while you wait?

Here's my personal picks
1) Campaign, which I can't believe, but after the first three levels I want more!
2)Padme. She was a great character who despite being royalty and a politician, wasn't afraid to fight for her beliefs and people, and I love Natalie Portman :)
3)I'm trying to ration my EA access so I can play at least a bit each day, and watching the Clone Wars, since I already went back through the film franchise while waiting.


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