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December CC

Locked Heroes and Villains are too much and are a too expensive in game.

I bought the game and have been playing the 10 hour trial with 3 hours left. When i first started playing I was having fun. Maps look great. I do think they need to buff the heavy class as they don't feel like they are up to par with the other classes. Any ways I digress, I was very disappointed to see that some heroes including Luke and Vader were locked, and had to be bought with credits. Before seeing how much they costed, my first instinct was to say, "Okay, ill play some games and buy them." Then i saw the price , a whopping 60,000 credits for each hero and villain!! That is WAY too much. I am almost done with t eh trial with only 3 hours left and only at about 20,000! And yes I have been doing the challenges that give you credits as rewards. In my opinion DICE has to either lower the cost significantly or make them free since they are part of the base game! I have a feeling that DICE was trying to mimic what Rainbow Six Siege does which is lock and charge a ton for DLC characters so players play more. The difference is Siege locks DLC characters, not characters that were in the game originally! If DICE fixes this, it would be a whole lot better. Also one more quick and smaller gripe. The points you need to spawn a Hero or Villain is just a tad too much. I don;t consider myself a ***** player but I'd say I am average and actually have to try extremely hard just to get a hero for the last 5 minutes of the game. So I cant imagine how casual or new players must feel when they save up so much points and dont even get a chance to play. As of right now some heroes are 6,000 points, and for some reason some are up to 8,000! I say the 8,000 point heroes should also be 6,000 and maybe reduce the 6,000 heroes to 5,000.


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