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True to lore heroes

I would like to see an option to play a version of galactic assault where there isn’t cross era heroes. Because I for one for like seeing Darth Maul against rebels or Rey against battle droids. Doesn’t feel right. It’s a small complaint but as more heroes get released it would be nice to see this.


  • Let's go theoretical and say Rey is my favorite hero. Whenever I earn a hero in galactic assault I want to play as Rey in this scenario. Assuming that a teammate didn't get her first. It would suck to be denied Rey because the Resistance and First Order aren't the ones fighting. I think that allowing people to play as cross era heroes should be beat out not allowing people to play as a hero because of the map, regardless of how many heroes there are. More power to the player.

    My two cents right there. Seeing the wrong red glow stick man beating up my good guys is a bit off, but it really isn't that bad. Now, if clones are fighting the first order, or if the CIS fights the first order, then someone needs a good talking too.
  • gzcnr
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    Yes, I want that, too. Or even a 40 player no-hero game mode like Turning point. I am sick of heroes in this game, all this cross-era *****, credit paywall etc.

    Lets go theoretical and say Ray is your favorite hero. You can't play her if you are playing on the "bad" side. If they wanna give more power to players let them allow cross-side heroes too. Vader killing stormtroopers in Yavin. omg.
  • Yes. Get rid of cross era heroes.
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