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How to improve arcade

Posted this in the feedback section but thought I’d include it too here.
Firstly a big thank you to the developers for taking single player more seriously this time round. With the inclusion of the campaign and more importantly arcade it shows you have listened to the fans. The level of customisation on arcade is very good. However myself and other offline players agree that there could be things done to improve arcade. I have looked through the forums and gathered the most requested and more reasonable requests. They are as follows:

1. Add more maps and have larger team sizes: Only 6 maps is a little disappointing especially as there are 11 available in multiplayer. Not only that these are small versions of the maps we see in multiplayer. So if we could have larger maps which allow for larger teams sizes it would go a long way and make battles feel more epic.

2. Add space mode. Space battles are very popular and we would love to see them in arcade mode. Perhaps as an offline version of starfighter assault or just a blast style mode with ships.

3. Skirmish Mode: Simply put an offline version of the 5 multiplayer modes. Including the option to play Co-op. It was very well received when added on the previous instalment and many players would love to play these offline.

4. AI Heros: Slightly less urgent but would be a lovely feature.

5. Keep updating with the DLC: When the DLC is released don’t leave arcade behind. We too would love to play on the new maps in arcade mode.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We understand it’s hard to have all the content in first time especially when working up against a strict deadline but if you could include these features throughout the year many fans would end up regarding this as one of the great Star Wars games.

Much love a Battlefront 2 Fan.
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