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Focused Feedback

The fun with numbers credit thread.

First off, sorry about the title, I couldn't think of any thing good.

Ok, we've seen a whole lot of different people talking about credits. How much do we get? How much does stuff cost? Are the prices fair? What we've seen less of is any real numbers. With this thread I hope we can calmly discuss credit earning. What we've seen and personally earned is the best if we can get it.

Now I'm an old school gamer. I scrimp and save and hoard gold, items, credits and potions. I always try to save something for when I might need it. This is a pretty useless skill usually, but thankfully my virtual thriftiness has paid off on this occasion.

I realized I hadn't spent any of my credits earned during the trial of BF2. By putting this with the fact that I can still see all my challenges completed and what they give me, combined with my time remaining on the trial tells me a lot about what I earned.

My trial tells me I have less than five hours remaining. That's not an exact number, but it's all I have to work with. Unfortunately I also didn't think to record how much time I spent in campaign, arcade, and multiplayer separately.

I played through all available campaign missions without rushing, I played all the Darkside Arcade missions through the 1star challenges, and the first Lightside Arcade mission. The rest of my time was spent in multiplayer.

To try to be as transparent as possible, I'll do the math for six hours time played. I know for a fact that I played less than six hours, but more than five. I estimate that I spent about an hour and a half between campaign, menues and loading screens, so for an absolute least time played in arcade/mp I'll do the math for four hours. Neither will be precise, but together I think they can give us solid info.

20,365 (total credits earned. This includes challenges, daily, founders)
-3,000 (founders crate)
-4,350 (value of all challenges earned)
13,015 credits earned.

That's the total after taking out challenges and my founders crate. Now let's look at earning per hour estimations.

At six hours, which is the extreme high end of what I could possibly played(actually just above, but again I don't have exact numbers to the minute) this would work out to 2,169 credits earned per hour without challenges.

At 4 hours, the extreme low end of how much time I spent in modes that give some credits outside of challenges this works out to 3,253 credits earned per hour without challenges.

For the middle ground of five hours, which is what I assume is the most accurate of the numbers it works out to 2,603 credits per hour. Or 43 credits per minuteif you prefer.

So, if any of you have read this far, what do you think about the earnings rate? Do any of you have numbers on your earning throughout the trial, because the more info we can get, the clearer picture we will have, and the better position we will be in to give direct feedback.
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