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Is specialist worth playing vs assault?

I haven't been able to play yet so my question is: is the specialist worth it? It seems assault can do everything a specialist can and more, at least in paper.
Assault has 150 health vs specialist 100
They both have snipers, but assaults has more points if you add up each category (cooling, range, rate, damage) so it could be stronger (along with all its weapons). Assault has a grenade that kills vs specialists grenade that stuns. Vanguard makes assault very fast vs infiltration's invisible on radar, but vanguard doesn't overheat, is a one hit kill at both short and medium range, and has a wide shot that makes it very easy (at least during beta) to get the OHK. Infiltration has none of those things. Then while specialist you can see hidden people far away, you can't see them while wielding and aiming your weapon. Assaults works more like Scan pulse from the first battlefront where you can have your weapon drawn and aimed while you watch your enemy cone around the corner. The binoculars doesn't even mark anymore without an upgrade.
Am I missing something?
Specialist seems like it got hit way too hard with the nerf bat since beta.
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