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Objective points/ Team Play points broken?

Re-posting here in hopes of getting some input as I had no luck by posting in the general discussion topics.

Have been playing the trial and always try to play the objective. However most times I don't get any objective points. For example, Yavin 4 defending the turbo lasers as a Rebel, killed a few enemies and got credit for kills, no objective points at all.. I was shooting at enemies from an higher balcony. Do I really literally need to stand on top of the laser so the game recognizes I'm defending the objective? Another example, my team mate picks up the Ion Disruptor, I follow him and defend him killing a couple enemies along the way until he shoots at the MTT, again not a single objective point for me for helping him and playing the objective. Do I need to literally be the one picking up the Ion Disruptor and shoot at the MTT myself? No points for helping? The only time I noticed I earned objective points was by being nearby the doors at the palace in Naboo when they got sliced and the same on Kashyyk on those big vehicles right before the indoors last stage. Is there something I'm missing? Some players do a huge amount of objective points but I can't just figure out exactly what they are doing to net those points... Does anyone know exactly how this works? Help?

Also would like to know how team play points work exactly as I have just seen a video where the player is awarded team play points a few times, it shows as an example "400 Teamplay" on his points log. This said, I have been at a x2 bonus status from squad many times but never seem to get awarded "Teamplay" points for any actions. Help?

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