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DICE please take note of this for the Death Troopers! I also think they are bugged.

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edited November 2017
Firstly I think the Sonic imploder is bugged for one as it seems to not cause any blinding/stunning effects at all so that needs to be looked at, but on to the bulk of the post!

The death trooper type in game the specialist, are using the wrong weapon they use the DLT-19D which is the base sniper for the First order which is weird why they wouldnt give a better version of that to them, and I also agree that the sonic imploder is a bit crap, it doesn't do anything other than look cool really.

The health and what not I feel is fine, but their weapon should be a bit more unique instead of just the standard DLT 19 which the dont use. Either give them a special version of the DLT-19D or add the E-11D for them which is their other unique gun they use in the film and star wars rebels.

Basically their biggest problem is they dont feel very unique and their sonic imploder either isnt working correctly or is just straight up useless to be brutally honest.

If you can get this right they will feel much more unique other than basically a stronger imperial heavy, as their guns are such a huge part of what makes them iconic as they are only used by them, I dont mind the first order using the DLT-19D but the death troopers really should be using a modified version of that gun maybe with faster firerate and being able to shoot more before overheating.

Photos for proof: latest?cb=20161108064121 E-11D

star-wars-rogue-one-death-trooper-specialist-deluxe-version-hot-toys-feature-HT-product-feature-902906.jpg?fit=990%2C600&ssl=1 DLT-19D




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