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December CC

Auto aim.....and first impressions

So looking on getting some input here. I've been playing the early access and I've discovered a few things.
1 With auto aim on I play like ****. Don't know why I just can't get kills with it on.
2 Getting actual kills takes some skill. It's genuinely hard. There is a learning curve.
3 Give yourself time to get used to it and don't get discouraged.
4 Have fun. It's STAR WARS


  • d0kRX
    1490 posts Member
    They must have "fixed" the auto aim in this game so that it wouldn't be as "easy" to kill someone. They're just trying to make it fair. I liked auto-aim in the last game better than the second one.
    PSN: d0kRX
  • After I turned it off I felt like I could hit things a little bit better which was better for me. Yeah it's much different from the first one for sure. I feel like they went after a little bit more of the hardcore Gamers than they did the Casual Gamer
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