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[GALACTIC ASSAULT] The importance of teamplay/squads

Firstly, a note to everyone who hasn't had the chance to access the EA Access/Origin Access trial, you have to know that no changes have been made to the squad system since the beta. You are put in a squad with 3 other random players, and you have bonus Battlepoints if you're doing well with them. And to be fair, I really like this mechanic, but I think it needs crucial improvements.

So now that everyone is on the same page, let's dive in.
  • Spawn Lanes: 90% of the time, when you're spawning in a squad with random players and in a random spot, you note that every member of your squad is going to different directions. This can get frustrating because you know that If you want to quickly collect Battlepoints you have to play as a group. And there's no way to tell your squadmates which objectives you want to engage. It can also be frustrating because you sometimes spawn super far from some objectives (for example, in the second phase on the Yavin IV map, I was always spawning far, far away from one of the 2 objectives, so it was a bit of a hike to go there!). I do have a proposition that (I think) can fix those two issues. I call it Spawn Lanes. Basically, when spawning every player need to choose which objective they want/need to attack. And based on that choice, players are put in squads only composed of players who want to attack/defend that specific objective. So no more split squads! Plus, the choice that you make determine where you spawn. For example on Theed, if you want to play on the east side of the street because you think that there are too many enemies there, just select the right objective and boom, you're at the right spot with your squad to focus on the objective!

    A visual example of what the "Lane Spawn" select screen could look like:

    A top-down layout of how the Lane Spawn System would work in the 1st phase of the Yavin IV map.
  • Let friends stay in their own squad: this could work as well with the Lane Spawn system, but it would be up to the squad leader to choose which objective his squad will attack.
  • Reinforcing the officer role: Every class on the battlefield has a very distinct role and way of playing them, and can turn the tide of the battle in his own way. This is not the case of the officer class: outgunned by every other class, he knows he has to rely on his tactic abilities to compete with others. But with the actual spawn system, it's frequent to find yourself alone on an objective (even more frequent when there are 3 at the same time!). You can't really defend yourself as an officer. And because you aren't that important for the squad, other players don't bother sticking with you. As you can see in my visual explanation of the lane spawn, there's a "Spawn on officer" button. Of course, you won't be able to spawn on every single officer on the map, but only on those that were in your previous squad, if they haven't been killed until then. I think this could be a great step towards giving more importance to this class. Everyone would try to protect the officer while he's buffing the squad. Everyone wins!
  • Give at least the opportunity to the players to choose their starting map in the rotation. I don't think there is a need for splitting maps according to their era or else. Just keep the full map rotation while giving a bit of choice to the players.
    During my trial, I wasn't able to play on Kashyyyk, Takodana and Jakku. Sad, I am :(
  • Endgame celebration: If there is one thing that is turning me off every time is how boring the endgames are (not talking about the small cutscenes here). Basically, every character stops moving and VICTORY/DEFEAT appears. I think I would pay to see the whole winning team celebrate their victory. It would be a perfect reward for the winning team (even more for the Star Wars fans!).

THIS IS IT This is what I think could greatly improve the game. I know this is a huge topic but I really think Teamplay is something worth fighting for, specifically in a Star Wars game.
(Nothing more rewarding and thrilling than feeling that you're fully part of a bigger team, helping and interacting with others teammates. Plus, if you want a game to sell well, give the players a reason to bring their friends in.
Because I don't really see the point of having objectives and classes if we as players don't have the tools to work together towards those objectives.)
Let's have a discussion, guys! What do you think about all of this? (hope you'll like my visual concepts, BTW :smile: )


  • I out gun many other classes as my officer and find your lack of faith disturbing but no seriously they could do so much better then the current squad system but with all the drama about hero unlocks and loot crates its probably not high on their list right now.
  • Haha me too dude, I love that class! But I also think this is the weakest of the 4 (I mean, speaking at the same skill level. Of course a good officer is going to obliterate other players, whatever classe they are playing with!)

    Yeah I agree with you, that drama is somehow preventing other feedback to be heard by the devs (although being as much important IMO).
  • I agree, It makes no sense spawning with random people every time.
    The best of multiplayers games is to play with friends, and this is the first battlefield game or multiplayer game, where you cant play with friends. It makes no sense. Its not possible to play with friends!!
    I do not like spawning with random people every time. I played with 4 friends the other night and its not possible to play together. This makes no sense and i cant understand how this big problem is in the final version of the game.
    IMPORTANT!! Please, write and support this link in the EA official forums so they can hear us:
  • Good to see you're taking the initiative of taking it to the EA forums. I don't think they realise that if they don't quickly implement any proper and solid squad system (or/and other ways for players to interact between each others), it's probably going to loose its playerbase too
    Can you as well add a link to this post, as I give suggestion on how they could improve the squad system?
  • Great post!
  • petazetas
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    edited November 2017
    Good to see you're taking the initiative of taking it to the EA forums. I don't think they realise that if they don't quickly implement any proper and solid squad system (or/and other ways for players to interact between each others), it's probably going to loose its playerbase too
    Can you as well add a link to this post, as I give suggestion on how they could improve the squad system?

    Great idea. I have updated the post adding this link too.
    But please, its important that you write in the other link too, so they can see that a lot of people are waiting for an update
    You could also post this in that topic:
  • JumanCreative
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    edited November 2017
    Yup, I've replied on your post on EA Answers. Hope they'll notice this ASAP.
    Thanks for the update on your post though! I'll probably add mine later.

    Thanks @Gulch !
  • The only forum that can change it is sadly Reddit. They don't even respond on their own Feedback forum. Your points are great :wink:
  • JumanCreative
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    edited November 2017
    Yup I know, unfortunately I'm coming from Reddit. Because of that massive lootboxes/P2W controversy, my posts (I wrote 2 about that specific topic) were overlooked. I'll wait a few days until everything calms down a bit!
    Thanks you for the appreciation :smile: I feel this is a very important topic that is worth fighting for!
  • These are really great ideas for encouraging more teamwork. I also think if you are partied with a friend it should just let you spawn in like the last game did. I don't think that will throw off the balance of the game by just having a group of two be able to stick together.
  • Dennis already confirmed they are working on something for proper squad spawning etc
    That being said, we're currently prototyping an update to our spawn waves that allow parties to stay together and spawn on each other. No timeline yet, but we'll let you know.
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