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December CC

My thoughts on the multiplayer so far

I just completed the 10 hours trial (I spent that only in the multiplayer) and I want to give my feedback.

First, sorry in advance for my english. And of course, this is only my opinion.

Blasters: I love the gameplay in general, I had a lot of fun, but specially when I unlocked new guns. First standard issue guns feels like, not really bad, but just not good, and there is no chance to unlock attachments. I think these guns can be pretty enjoyable, especially if we can upgrade by attachments. For example, the E-11 was one of my favourite blasters of Battlefront 2015, and here... I feel it's not worth it. Some of the most iconic blasters are just "that thing to start playing and forgot two hours later".

Galactic Assault: I feel that the maps with walkers are great in terms of time and tickets. Not too long, but you have the time to stop attackers or reach to the final step. It's like the gamemode is easy at the beginning and hard at the end for the attackers, and just the opposite for defenders. That's the entire point of these multi-stage modes, I think the flow it's perfect, but the maps without walkers... I feel like they need work. They are quicker and with a pretty hard start for the attackers. I feel we need more tickets on that maps or rework the objectives, or maybe remove tickets and add a time limit cause I think everyone likes to play at least 7 minutes, at least. I like 20 minutes modes, but I'm happy if we have at least 10 in each map.

Starfighter assault is full of fun and DICE had a great work with the objectives. It's kind of chaotic tho, when capital ships or bombers come and go, but I probably need more time with it and get use to it. I think we would love a "blast" for starfighters, something just for the fun of dogfighting, but I understand the reason behind not too much gamemodes.

Now moving to progression system. It's weird because it have things I love and things a don't. Just for being clear: this game never had a pay to win system, you may not like how it is (I'm not a fan of it), but that doesn't make it a pay to win. Yes, I've played pay to win games, I know what they are.

-The locked heroes: I think it's for the best. In january, february, march... I'll be happy if I still have stuff to unlock, specially if it's good stuff. I understand the argument of "not having that time to unlock Vader". But if they don't lock anything more than the star cards probably some people will start complaining about lack of content and progression about january. And I hated how fast I unlocked everything on Battlefield 1, for example. Maybe lowering the amount of credits that they cost could be a good thing, cause, honestly I understand every side on this matter and I don't know if there is a proper solution for everyone.

-The star cards: I don't hate it but, like I said, it's not really my thing. On one hand I like the amount of star cards (and their levels) to unlock cause, again, I want to have a lot of things to unlock and I don't know what kind of fun I'm having seeing my collection. I honestly feel ***** looking at my cards, but it's satisfying for me.

Dunno why I feel that cause in the end I don't like the effects of that start cards. Because yes, on the other hand I feel the buffs every level give us will make an unbalance game. I just read DICE saying that you will be matchmaked against people with similar star card levels. That can be pretty good if it works fine, and probably a solution for all.

I understand that if the DLCs are free they need system to make money. And if they can't make money with skins (don't be ridiculous, what the hell are they gonna make for Vader? You really wanna see a gold vader? Remember people complaining about the troopers helmet on Battlefront 2015, just imagine if they are purple). So maybe this is the only solution.

I don't even care about people wasting money on crystals and killing me. I have fun playing and unlocking things with my effort and I feel I can kill anyone if I do my best. I prefer unlocking the things I want: the guns I want, the attachments I want, the star cards I want... But I can live with it, and if the matchmaking really works it's probably gonna be a great experience for everyone.

I understand people mad cause someone who spent a lot of money on crates kill them, I understand who prefers unlocking what they want instead of opening crates and having random rewards. But I think if we want free DLCs we have to live with it in this particular game, this is not a Counter Strike or a Rainbow Six Siege when you can generate random and ugly (let's recognize, they are usually a direct aggression to good taste) skins.

All in all I'm happy with the game. There is a lot of content and in these ten hours I only play about 2-3 times each map, I like the gunplay and modes overall. I think it needs some tweakings to be more enjoyable. Yes, progression probably gonna be a dealbreaker for some, and you don't need to like it but, I don't know the solution for that.
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