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Great news about Luke Skywalker’s Cleasning the Darkness Star Card...

I had previously been upset with this star card due to the wording of the card making it seem as if Luke was restricted to killing Empire troopers only in order to receive the max health regen given by this card; Leia and Vader had a similar card that said that they received this regen when they killed enemy troopers. Turns out the wording of the Star Card is just off! I played with Luke on Starkiller Base and I received the max health regen for killing enemy troopers. Granted, I haven’t tried this against droids but I’d expect it to still work.

Not all star cards have accurate wording. For example, there’s a card that says it gives Yoda one extra dash but it actually gives him two extra dashes to total 4 dashes. Luke has the same card but it only gives him one extra dash to total 3 dashes.
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