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How do you avoid unwanted scenarios easy?

How do you avoid unwanted scenarios easy? Multi player is so random that it just throws you in what ever fight they want, you get no CHOICE! Simply, I hate Clone War Robots... "roger, roger" is the most annoying thing in all SW. I just don't want to play for the droids.... how do you skip them all together?


  • Yes, but hearing "you're under arrest" from those droids cracks me up every time.

    Seriously though, you're absolutely right. I want to play on Hoth. I don't think we can play Galactic Conquest on Hoth. If we can, it never queues up for me. What happened to the element of choice that we had in SW: Battlefront 1?
  • At the moment all you can do is to exit out, and try again until you get the one you want.
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