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Forest of Endor

Upgrade from Standard to Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition

I preordered the standard version of the game a while back and also played my 10 hours with the Origin Access trial (I play on PC) and now I want to upgrade from standard to deluxe so I can play now as opposed to the 17th. However, instead of the $20 upgrade I want to pay for, it wants to charge me the full $80 even though I already payed $60 for the standard. I already played 10 hours so I can't just cancel my preorder and then pay the $80, I won't get my money back. How do I upgrade without having to buy another copy?


  • You Dont - always go DELUXE always preorder
  • I have the same question myself.
    Battlefront II has a 45.8% chance of success.
  • I thought about doing the same thing and haven't found a solution. It's money lost on their end, probably from a lot of people.
  • I didnt received it to BUT I find the solution you need to call EA and say you have missing content then they would ask for your email from yuor ea account of course and then the ask you to show proof and send you a email and you follow the instructions and. Take the fotos what yo need to take fotos of and then they say if ypu got all the fotos and your done ans twn mimutes later I got mine content
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