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Should you buy loot crates?

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edited November 2017
Whether it be by real money or in game credits, should you buy loot crates?

Well if you look at most the cards at least for troopers they really aren't much more powerful going from white to purple. The only real differences that are made are in heroes and starfighters.

That being said if you spend most of your time playing troopers I would say just buy a few loot crates to either get lucky and get the cards you want, or get some crafting parts to craft the cards.

If you're starfighter player or want to wreck havok with heroes you'll need a lot more. I mean purple can go up to 40% more damage on some of these cards! Wowzers if the trooper cards had these kind of buffs people would be screaming even more about the game.

I saw how grindy the game was going to be back when the heroes were 40-60K. So I decided to buy some loot crates with cash to help that grind out a little bit. Now that they are down to 10-15k I probably wouldn't have bought as many as I did. Still though I'm happy to support the game and am looking forward to future content so meh whatever, not lookin for a refund.

Now that the heroes are 10-15k each I would say it might be a more fun option for most people to just save up to unlock them, once you have a few good star cards for your favored class.

From now on I'm probably going to skip leveling my cards to purple cause, gee 2 seconds less cooldown time and 1 more range on a buff just isn't worth the 480 crafting part cost to get there. I'm saving my credits now in hopes future crates will be added, or new content will be added to crates like alien heads, hero outfits, black stormtrooper etc...

I'd also like to say that crates seem to have an EXTREMELY low rate of giving blue cards. After 30 or so crates I opened I think I got like 1 blue. You're basically just opening them to get crafting parts lol. That would average out to like $50 spent to find a blue card. Not worth it at all if you're trying to find some blue cards.


If you mostly only play trooper only buy a few crates to get some cards/parts to get some basic cards made for the class or two you like most.

If you're starfighter, getting purple can be huge a benefit and could be quite costly to get there.

If you play heroes sometimes, get a few cards for the ones you like.

I would estimate about 10 trooper crates opened should be sufficient for most players. So average about 20 games, or maybe 10 hours of play. Most could do that in a weekend.

Save the rest of credits for unlocking heroes and possibly future content.


  • Vehicles get some ugly buffs too.
  • Vehicles get some ugly buffs too.

    Yes you're right vehicles get some crazy good buffs at purple level too.

    60% less dmg, 40% faster recharge etc..

    But it doesn't seem as high of a jump on some of them from blue to purple.

    Like the bomber torpedo blue does 20% more missile dmg, purple does 40% more! That's a double in power.

    The blues on vehicles compared to purple don't seem to double in strength from blue to purple.
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