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We have them in the air!

So I was playing GA on Kashyyyk and a few other maps I’ve noticed bots in the air, it makes playing an air unit a lot of fun, why doesn’t the ground have bots?
You might argue well bots would just be unbalanced for earing BP but I scored a ton fighting the AI and players in the air and at 2x score AI was stacking points like it was going out of style. Obviously players bet you more BP.
Maybe they should add ground bots in GA too help less skilled and skilled player alike and at the same time make the battles feel even more epic... thoughts?


  • They should just cut the bots or give you like 50 a kill.
  • The bots really help keeping pilots engaged and reduces spawn camping. BF1 suffered with that and sometimes the sky was just empty. I know in the beta on Naboo it was almost pointless to fly anything but the bomber because you rarely had dogfights
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