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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

We have come to the point of canceling games because we need to play it.

Today's gamers: "What? Do we need to play your game to unlock features? we should just get everything at once so I don't need to play it! And also, the cost for free DLC's is in-game microtransactions that will affect me in no way at all if don't want to buy them? OUTRAGES I tell you!"

My favorite comment being: I remember when I bought the game and that was it. DLC's has always cost money since the dawn of games where created. Only, Battlefront 2 is free after a one-time expense. That is unique for every game the last 15 years.

The game felt great on the beta, and I do believe it will be good. The creators have used a lot of effort on this game in the hopes of pleasing its fans. If you want to buy loot boxes then do so, if not, well play it as you need to play every game ever.

Only cheaters start at max level in a game. In Skyrim you won't get a horse at the very beginning.
Everyone ask for a refund!
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