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Issue in Single Player Campaign and Hidden Collectibles

Hi everyone,

So, I began the campaign without an internet connection (had to pay the bill). I noticed that, as I was playing, I was not unlocking trophies nor completing the in-game campaign objectives under the career tab. When I did re-establish internet connection, I restarted the campaign to get the trophies and collect all of the hidden items.

Here is where the issue comes in. During each mission, I noticed that I was not able to obtain the hidden items in crates that I had searched in my first (partial) playthrough. I assumed that the game still had it saved that I had already accessed those crates. However, upon viewing the Career tab to claim my rewards, the objectives are short the exact number of crates I was not allowed to slice during my second playthrough.

Is this a technical issue? If so, can we get it fixed in the next update? I really do not want to restart the campaign again after they fix it though..


  • Exact same issue here. I'm not one to commonly speak ill about a game, but this is pretty poor. Where was the QA testing? I've never had this issue in a game before.
    I'm a completionist so this is the kinda thing that will have me return the game if not patched. Thankfully the store I purchased from accept returns within 7 days. With all the other issues going on, I don't imagine this will be a priority.
  • i had same issue however after i connected online and successfully passed the next campaign missions, all the awards and trophies could be collected without the need to replay the missions played offline. Try it.
  • Thanks but didn't work for me.. What did work was clearing my save data completely... Both on the hard drive and in the cloud.... This reset everything for collectibles.
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