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Created from "Fan Feedback" is a joke. UNSATISFIED

I have been a huge Star Wars fan my entire life and a big supporter of EA's battlefront reboot so far, but I am very disappointed in the final product of this game. The positive opinions I have for the game is the number of maps and vehicles. Also the flying controls are miles ahead of the controls from the previous game. The galactic assault game mode is also very impressive to me with a different objective for every map. However, this game once again lacks the most important part, PLAYABLE CHARACTERS (or heros). You only included two Clone Wars era hero’s, while including eight original trilogy characters and all were in the previous game. You made this seem like the game was created based of fan feedback, but you blatantly ignored fans request on hero’s and clone wars content. How many times do we see Leia and Lando fight in ground battles? Lando maybe twice and Leia maybe three times? How much screen time did Bossk get in total? Maybe a minute? None of them are the warriors as so many clone wars characters are and none of them are more deserving than Anakin (the MAIN character of the entire trilogy if that matters), Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Dooku, Grevious, or Palpatine. And I don’t want to hear stuff about how they may be included in DLC, the fact is you left them out of the game and then you struggle to make up for your mistakes with DLC and act like it’s all better. I want EA and Disney to admit that they hate the clone wars because they’ve made it seem that way multiple times. Either admit that they have no respect for the clone wars or admit they blatantly ignored fans request. At this point you should just close up shop and completely remaster the original Star Wars Battlefront 2. It’s insane to me that a game made 12 years ago has better content that a rebooted version of that game. I don’t care about emotes, weapons, mods, loot crates, or a bunch of special abilities, all I want is a bunch of my favorite Star Wars characters battling along side normal troopers. How hard is that? You also promised an improved lightsaber to lightsaber battle mechanics, but instead the mechanics are even worse than the previous game. You can’t even block other lightsaber strikes making button smashing and hoping for the first hit the only way to win. You really screwed this up EA and I’m extremely unsatisfied after investing another 100 dollars in your game. I doubt this rant will even make a difference since you clearly don’t listen to fan feedback last time, so I guess it’s back to playing a 12 year old game on the PS2.
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