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HvV Vader/Saber Stam/ Light vs Dark

Hey everyone. I'm just giving my experience on the Heroes vs Villians gamemode.
First topic - Vader
I feel like Darth Vader is great as a character, however he just feels godly strong. The man has the health of a tank and yet can kill you in 3 hits. Oh and he can block saber and blaster shots. It wasn't until we had 3 people hitting him when he had no teammates that we finally brought him down. I think he just needs a little tweek with his health is all.
Second topic - Saber Stamina
Is it me or does it seem like the amount of times you can swing at somebody is just enormously high? I understand they need to hit people but as a ranged or even sometimes a melee, you just get stun locked from the saber swings that come at you sooo fast that you're dead before you know it.
Third topic - Light vs Dark
In my opinion the Dark side is way better then the Light side. There is one reason why I think so. The amount of crowd control on the dark side. Honestly it seems that the dark side has sooooo much more cc then the other. The only 2 on the light side that I feel can compete somewhat is Luke and Rey. But the shooters just seem lack luster compared to the other.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying Battlefront 2 so far and I love the new HvV concept compared to the first, I'm just trying to see if anyone else feels the same so maybe they can make some changes.


  • I play Lando. He has good cc. Smoke Grenade doesn't do much in HvV (Sith and Boba Fett just leave the area asap), but the Disabler rocks. Get that on Vader and head shot him. If you have team mates jumping him too then great. And Sharp Shot is pretty good for getting a shot off on enemies that are not focused on Lando. Especially Boba Fett because it automatically hits them. I wish the cooldown was shorter though.

    But another plus to Lando is that no one seems to want to play him. I've never had a problem where I couldn't be Lando if I wanted. Upgrading his star cards for me was a no-brainer.
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