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Hero Lightsaber Functionality

Hello to all esteemed members of EA!

In Battlefront (2015) you all added a lightsaber functionality that allowed both Luke and Vader to ignite and sheathe their lightsabers at the press of a button, allowing players to have the blade activated and deactivated at will. This allowed for players to add a little flavor to their gameplay, playing around with emotes while igniting their sabers ready for battle. Any reason as to why you all have removed these things? There are plenty of unmapped buttons for heroes that you could use for this feature. After spending plenty of hours already with most of the heroes in the deluxe edition it is evident that this needs a fix. Awkwardly walking around with the blade unsheathed and ignited takes the immersion out of the game and its very unauthentic, something that from my understanding was the sole thing to be avoided from a Lucasfilm and Disney standpoint. I couldn't be more sincere when I ask that you may please, please fix this. Thank you for listening to our feedback!
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