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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Hero Missions [Spoilers]

What was your favorite?
What was your least favorite ?

For me Landos was my favorite ..the banter was pretty funny...the cues twords the end of the factory it was done very well ...and who doesn't like blasting away at troopers in an Chicken walker !?

I give this campaign a 9/10 ... only for this reason ..

Luke's mission ... was not as good as it could have been ...specially after playing the others..This was Thee Character in the OT
Should have had a little more to it


  • Lando and Shriv together was absolute gold!

    "I just want you to know, if I die here... I hope you die too"

    I would play a whole game with just those two
  • Mastahpeece
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    Definitely Lando. They nailed his character

    If there's a least favourite, it would be Leia's although I enjoyed them all
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  • DarthJ
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    Yeah Landos was the best by far.

    I actually liked Lukes mission. I think it showed the way Luke is perfectly, helping the 'enemy' and how much light is in him. Linked well to Del getting cold feet about the Empire too.

    Least favourite was Leias as it was too repetitive.
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  • I'll agree it had a good theme to the mission
    But maybe a little more different type of bugs..or more bigger ones..something

    Anyway. It was all pretty fantastic
  • I really liked the Lando and Shriv mission. Their banter was hilarious. The Luke mission on Pillio was cool too just because it gives us another look at one of the Emperor's observatories. I want to know more about that compass!

    I also enjoyed the Discoveries mission with Kylo. Kind of a cool idea to be in Del's head going through all those memories.
  • Yup..Discoveries was up there too..

    Maybe I was just being to hard on the Luke mission
  • dada_shift wrote: »
    Yup..Discoveries was up there too..

    Maybe I was just being to hard on the Luke mission

    The Luke mission from a gameplay perspective was just basically "fight Stormtroopers and bugs" but from the story telling side I thought it was really cool. Mostly because we don't know much about where Luke was between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and we got to actually see one of the observatories.
  • I really liked the dialogue from the Luke mission. He was a true Jedi and seeing Del’s perspective was interesting.
  • I really liked Luke's level as well. It wasn't great for gameplay, but the dialogue was good, and the level looked stunning. I really like the way Luke was portrayed, it was cool seeing him talk to an "enemy" but not treat him as one as long as he had the choice.
  • Wasn’t really a fan of Luke’s pest exterminator gameplay but the mission and story itself kept me
    Entertained. I love love loved Leia’s mission, felt very Star Wars and wish it were longer.
  • I thought Han's was kinda just filler. The dialogue in Luke's was great story wise, and Lando and Shriv had the BEST sarcasm and insults, amazing. Although, gameplay wise, I kinda thought Lando was the weakest part (besides Han's shoulder charge).

    So, favorite mission would have to be Luke's, and Kylo's was ok.
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  • Loved all the banter between Lando and Shriv!
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