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Please add a communication system!


  • Right now, you can use a microphone to talk to party members. Unfortunately, you have very few options to control your mic settings. For example, there is no option for push to talk, which I think would be extremely helpful.
  • I've never heard anybody talk, nor has it seemed that they could hear me. Are you talking about forming a group on ps4 (for example) and *then* jumping into the game? Just going in the game on my own, I don't seem able to talk to anyone. We should be able to talk to our yellow squad mates at least.
  • Can only talk in a pre set up party or a playing group through the social settings in game. There’s no squad chat like Battlefield 1 though. Be great to see it added down the track but they’d need to rethink the whole random squad spawning if that’s the case so your chat group doesn’t change every time you respawn.
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