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Map Selection

Can we PLEASE get a map selection? Played for hours and still haven't played Hoth. Driving me insane. Let us pick the map we want to pay on.


  • +1 YES. Feels like a step backwards from the first game.
  • Without question it is a step backward!
  • MWB33
    1390 posts Member
    Map selection is definitely one of the items that I'd like added. I too have yet to see Hoth or Endor outside of YouTube videos. I want to ride a Tauntaun already!

    Added note, I'd love it if someone could figure out the map rotations and post it. It almost seems random so far. GA last night for about 4 hours...I only backed out and got into new lobbies 3 times. The match rotations had me play back to back on the same map with the opposite factions a few times, once twice in a row as the same faction, and another time a five match span went in order 2 on Kamino (each side), 1 on Mos Eisley (rebels), 2 on Death Star (both sides).
    Yes, play! Yes, a gamer's strength flows from adjustment. But beware of the nerf side...not adapting your tactics, stubbornness, wanting the game catered to you; the nerf side of gaming are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a death & respawn. If once you start down the nerf path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did many an apprentice.
  • I dunno, then you'd have several maps being played almost to the exclusion of others, and ppl would get bored faster b/c of lack of variety.

    I think it's probably better if they tweak it so that you're guaranteed to rotate through the maps and not keep getting the same maps.

    For the OP, though -- are you staying in the queue, or are you leaving and re-queuing? B/c if they do have some way of sensing what maps you have played, you may be defeating it by hopping out of the queue and back in.
  • Yeah I loved that option in Battlefront...
  • Nihil
    208 posts Member
    This is a must have. Since the rotation which you get from the game is broken as hell.

    You get the same maps over and over again.
    E.g.: I play Fondor shipyard every 2nd time. I get slowly sick of it.
  • Firecap
    76 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    the reason is that in the time be twine matches when you are looking at the score you getting moved to a other server that is waiting for players and that server is on a other rotation.
    i am not sure about the mechanics in it but it seams that it is the meaning for the server getting filled with player fast in that way.
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