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PLEASE Create a server browser

You guys do it with Battlefield I don't know why you wouldn't do it in this game. A server browser would be extremely helpful with finding maps I want to play and prevent me from constantly joining empty servers.


  • I completely agree a server browser would be awesome or just a way of setting what maps the game looks for if i want to join a specific map
  • PLEASE go ahead and implement this.
  • I think (and I'm hope I'm right) they aren't doing that quite yet until they get more maps in place. Once they have more modes and more maps then they'll bring that in. <- We can only hope though
  • Yes please make a server browse and fix the game I can never join my friends for some reason every time my game ends and a new one starts its and empty and I have to find a new game. Why didn’t you put all of the guns for assault and the rest of the classes in those classes why can you only choose from a few even now there are much more guns, people like clones and droids the most so please put way more of that I’m why didn’t you put in every person and vehicles, why don’t the vehicles work like they do in battlefleid and the original battlefront 2 why are there no multi seated vehicle why are there still not space battles like in battlefront 2 the original. For the second time why isn’t every time of person not In they game???????? Where are the rolling droids where is general Greevas there is so so much putentail but you seem to fall short. Why are these not in it I can go on for days of stuff that should be done but are not play the original battle front 2 for a base to start with and play battlefield 1 and 4 for where it could go from the first and new battlefront game that came out a little while ago there is a good step in the right direction but there is so much you are still missin I love the campaign and graphics but what the hell in every other aspec it’s lirke you just give up you can do so so so much better.
  • I also would like to see server browser or some kind of way to select my favorite maps. It's not so fun to play many hours random maps and then after those play hours I get to play my favorite map or maps just couple short rounds. Today for example I played 2-3 hours galactic assault and didn't get opportunity to play Kamino or Kashyyyk even once. To play those maps I had to play against AI in arcade mode. I also would like to be able to choose and play different eras only (for example only prequel era).
  • Yes please give us a server browser!
  • Yes please. Like in swab 1. I have played for like 12+ hrs and still haven't played been able to play half the maps in galactic assault
  • Should be standard in Multiplayer games!
  • Please especially after finishing a game and half the server leaves so you are waiting for players meanwhile another server is also waiting for players....

    if there was a server browser you would know where to play !
  • Yes please.
  • This games sorely needs it...
  • Yeah I wanna play naboo more , I love that map . Best map in the game
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