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[Galactic Assault] Games Are Too Short

The Galactic Assault mode is fantastic, hopefully you guys will add Walker Assault again because that was amazing. With Galactic Assault I feel if one side loses then the entire match will either end abruptly or keep going. For example if a team cannot go past Phase 1 then the whole match will end. I've had Galactic Assault matches end within a few minutes because a team couldn't get past Phase 1. I understand it's part of the mode if you lose then it ends. but there has to be something to make it last longer if one team cannot get past phases.


  • This mode ends during phase 1 and 2 all the time. I've played multiple matches today and not one of them went to the third or final phase, which is by far the most fun part of the galactic assault match. The game shouldn't end early if the attacking/defending side wins an early phase. If you win an early phase, it should just make it easier for your team to win the final one. For example, if your team wins both the first 2 phases, then the third one you should get 125-150 troops to attack/defend the last objective. If each side wins one, then the standard 100 troops should be used for the final objective. I would rather lose the first two phases if it meant the game would continue on. As you win each phase, 25 troops or so (could be changed to help with balancing, maybe like 10 or 15 troops added/subtracted per phase for maps with more than 3 phases) could be added or subtracted from the final phase amount of 100. It just ends right when people can get heroes or are starting to get a good kill streak. It's so annoying not being able to play the mode all the way through. I think if this new system were put in place, it would still make people want to win the first couple of phases because there is an incentive in the end to win the early parts, but would also help people enjoy the mode more because you get to play all the way through. We miss out on playing as heroes a lot and miss getting to see certain parts of the map because it never lasts long enough. People play this mode because they want to play the long, large-scale battles, otherwise they would go play blast or strike. I think this would help make it more fun and have a winner that is more representative of which side played better throughout the entire match. Am I the only one who thinks this mode ends too quickly and that this would help it out?
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