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Galactic Assault maps breakdown & feedback (Part 2)

Part 2 continued on feedback for Galactic Assault maps


I like this map overall. The idea of rebels stealing a walker is great! Also the look and feel of the map is well done. Along with the design of the map it feels generally very good.

Stage 1:

3 points to capture. THREE? Yah that's a lot of points to capture with just 100 tickets. Especially when one of them is outside where snipers pick people off freely.

I'd have probably reduced this to two. Keep the one in middle underground and the one behind it. Removing the one on left (fuel station I think).

I'd say the game ends at this stage probably 70-80% of the time because it's so hard to cap three points. Which is sad cause the rest of the map is really fun.

Stage 2:

If you even get there, the rebels now have the walker! So what do I do of course? I hop into the walker! Only to find out it's impossible to call down a global strike anywhere! I tried aiming it all over the place and it just won't fire. I don't care if there are trees there, FIRE!!!!!

Also it's the clones now who try to fire ion on the AT-AT. Pushing through that forest to stop them is fun... until they get in their AT-ST. Then it's like UGH how do we kill this? We have no air units, we have no vehicles.... rebels get torn to shreds.

At the end of stage 2 it backs the Empire into a wall. Where they can't escape lol. They are spawning in an area where they have nowhere to run! This is bad. DICE you need to add some doorways for them to go through to get to the other side of the wall before the walker destroys it. And the poor AT-ST's are stuck too getting picked off as rebels push. Sad.

Walker moves into a courtyard where imps have last chance to destroy walker. This is where the AT-ST shines ripping rebels apart as they poor in. Still never seen a walker die at this point but I think it's feasible.

Stage 3:

This is where things get messy. Attackers really only have a couple of entry points on top and bottom. Makes it very very hard to push in. On top of that the cap point is in the middle of a very open area for grenade spam. 95% of the time defenders will win here, even against 100 tickets.

I mean the size of this area feels more like it was meant for 8-10 players, not FORTY players. I would have preferred to see this area more like the size of the hangar in Death Star II.

Overall though the map is fun and looks great at night!

Mos Eisley:

Of course iconic area for Star Wars. Why is there no music in the Cantina though?! Otherwise the map design is well done and is fun to play on. Everyone gets to have their play on this map. Star fighters, AT-ST's, snipers, heavies... everyone gets their play on this map.

Stage 1:

Once again fantastic map design. One area (Cantina) is closed small area favoring close range combat. Another is more open favoring snipers and what have you. There's lots of fighting for high ground and low ground. Overall it is just well done.

I feel like attackers have a close to equal chance of capping these first two points as defenders have defending. ESPECIALLY if attackers get an early AT-ST. But for some reason I can't figure out the game ends 90% of the time at stage 1. Still baffled by this.

I'd also like to add that stupid dinosaur walking around (dunno what it's called) can't be killed by the AT-ST. But it can block your attacks, block your movement and even push you around! Like seriously that thing is so annoying! My walker got stuck in a corridor because that stupid walking bronto was going the opposite direction I wanted to go in and I couldn't walk around him, couldn't push thru him and couldn't kill him.

Stage 2:

Once again 2 more points to cap. One more open than the other. Some more high ground fighting and low ground fighting. Honestly feels no different than stage 1. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing? I think it's fine not sure how others feel.

Heroes should be entering the field at this point though on both sides. Making for fun gameplay on both sides, assuming teams are equal.

Stage 3:

Taking the rebel ship. It's in a tiny small little courtyard. Once again this area feels more like it was meant for 8-10 players, not FORTY players!

There are still multiple entrances on each side and you can open the blinders to fire down into the pit but I mean yeesh. Forty people in this tiny little area is hard to deal with. Again I'd like to see the area more open and wider.

Overall though I feel like it's a really fair map for both sides and fun to play on.

Yavin 4:

This map looks so good it's unreal! The beautiful design of the map is just so good! Man if people bought games on graphics alone this game would sell out overnight with maps like this. I mean you just feel like you're in a jungle. Sadly you also really *DO* feel like you're in a jungle, getting caught constantly on vegitation which for gameplay reasons I find annoying.

You're not going to get much use out of air units though as there is a ton of cover and trees and stuff. So this is mostly a ground map. And I'm OK with that. Not every single map needs to make use of star ships.

Stage 1:

Once again THREE points to cap! It's so hard just to take 2 with 100 tickets, three is extremely tough. I'd say a good 80% of games I play end on stage 1. I'd remove the middle cap point and just leave the 2 ends to destroy the blasters.

The map design at this stage is really well done though. There's open area combat for snipers, close quarters combat, twists, bends, turns, corridors I mean it has it all. I'd personally widen the out of bounds area a little bit on each side of the map but that's about it.

Stage 2:

Now you get to the different cap areas. The one on the left (from attacker perspective) is close quarters area with lots of cover and pillars. The one on right is outside and open for snipers and turrets. AT-ST at this point is going to be a huge help to attackers.

I like both areas I think they're well done and don't think I'd really change a thing here.

Stage 3:

Attackers push to courtyard area with a cap point on either side. This is such a good fun area! it's pretty open for snipers. Lots of grenade spam. Multiple entrances for defenders to come out of be it doors or underground. You'll see quite a few people making good utilization of AT-RT here. I mean this is just such a good fun area to play in for everyone.

Stage 4:

NOW it gets tough. There's 2 very tight close quarters rooms to cap for attackers. It gets really messy at this point. If one side has heroes and the other doesn't, they're probably going to win.

Even if teams split and 20 people are on one side and 20 on the other the areas still feel a bit too small to be fighting in. Not to mention on the right side the defenders only have one real doorway to enter safely from which is easily camped by attackers.

I actually don't think I've ever lost at this stage as an attacker once we get to this point. The entry points for defenders are just too easily defended. Not sure if you can do something about that.

Still a great map to play on though.


The visuals are great. Everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too here. Starships right from the get go (get 2 kills bam ur in an X-Wing). AT-ST's. I mean this map has it all right from the start.

Stage 1:

I really like the look of this map but it feels a lot more uphill than I remember from SWBF1. Half the old battle was a bit uphill then the last half was downhill making it a bit of a shooting gallery for attackers lol. I would have preferred this map to be a little more flat with cover on both sides. Make it feel more like trench warfare than an uphill battle for attackers.

The wide open area heavily favors snipers giving them great opportunity to get some headshots in. And air units are so important here. If your team can't win the air then troops are going to get stomped to oblivion by bombardments.

Being there are two AT-AT's I don't think there's time to kill both. Defenders should be focusing just one AT-AT. If they get one downed then it can't blow up the hangar door on that side. Not sure people understand this.

Overall still pretty fun to play outside although I feel the right side of the map (from attacker perspective) isn't utilized enough. It's like a wide open area where nothing goes on. Much like Kashyyyk. It's like you guys made these wide open maps and forgot there's a right side to the map.

Stage 2:

AT-AT's blow open hangar doors and it's time for close quarters combat. Many people should have saved up for heroes at this point because they will be highly needed. If you look inside it would appear there's lots of cover but in reality if you're capping one of the 2 points you're pretty much in the open. There's no crates to hide behind. I kind of like that. No hiding behind a wall to cap a point.

Because of such close quarters combat though again with FORTY people the game usually ends here. I'd say a good 80% of the time at least. So much death and destruction it's just hard to cap these 2 points with 70-100 tickets.

Stage 3:

After stage 2 attackers have usually taken a huge hit to tickets. Going in for more close quarters combat makes it that much harder to even cap.

On top of that there's now THREE points to cap. Yah so it's pretty much impossible for attackers to win at this point. In fact I've yet to see attackers win on this map period. I've seen it come very very close, down to within 5-10 seconds away from last bomb going off. But alas it got defused.

I'd just remove the middle cap point. Keep the 2 ends.

The good news is there are multiple entrances for attackers to enter from. But bad news is defenders have really good positions to defend from. Heroes will play a huge part of victory in this map, if attackers do ever win on it.


Once again a really good looking map. However this is not a great map for air units even though they are available. They could really only be used at stage 1 even then there's constant cover for troopers on both sides and you have those giant pillars over the top of the area from the skeleton structure of the cruiser. So this is mostly a ground map, with no use of vehicles. Shooter skill is going to win the day here.

Honestly you could probably just remove the air units from the map because if people do get in them all they will end up doing is dogfighting all game for stage 1.

Stage 1:

Once again good design on the 2 points to cap. Left side (from attacker perspective) is more open where snipers will be aiming mostly. Right area is a little more closed off.

I'd say it's pretty even getting past this point. About half the time game ends here, another half we get through. People are still learning the game though and I expect more attackers to win on these points as they are pretty easy to defend against once you push in.

One thing I don't like is how if attacker goes far right to get up the ramp he is 'out of bounds' to go up the side on the sand hill. I'd extend that out of bounds area a bit to the right.

Stage 2:

This is where the game is going to end more often than not. There's very few entry points for the attackers. Easily camped by the defenders. Also if they do get in they don't have a lot of cover and are going to get pummeled to death. Lots and lots of nade spam going on down there to try to cap that point.

Defenders have huge advantage with the open area in back snipers picking people off as well. Very hard for attackers here.

I think the area in middle needs more cover. Force defenders to come down into a fight if they want to hold the point.

Stage 3:

If you did get past stage 2 you probably lost a ton of tickets at this point. You're not gonna have more than 40-60 tickets by stage 3 unless the defenders are just terrible. And now there's two points to cap. The one on the right is a huge uphill battle. Defenders have the high ground this entire map making it very hard for attackers to push.

I thought it might have been a bit more fun if 3rd stage of this the attackers get high ground having just pushed through hell and back capping the first 2 points.

The cap point on the left only has one entry point as well. A little tunnel that is easily camped by 2-3 people. This stage is so hard to win for attackers it's just not even funny.

Something to note here is that if you're an attacker and you push the left point through the tunnel and go all the way to the far side of the map, up and around a giant rusted tube you are still 'in bounds'. However this area is 'out of bounds' for defenders. I noticed this when I went there to defend it. I found it very strange that attackers would have an area of a map they can go in, but defenders cannot.

Regardless on either point defenders will have high ground and attackers are going to have a very very hard time winning this map.

I've done it, but not very often.


Last map on the list ugh. Takodana is a great map! Looks fantastic and well designed! Once again though air units aren't going to be a huge help here. Especially on stage 1. The trees cover everything and it's impossible to even see the ground!

Again I'm OK with that as not every map needs to have importance for air units. But people who do get in them will just end up dogfighting all day again. I mean why even have air units at that point? If there were NPC air units that occasionally attacked ground units I'd understand but the aren't soooo yah?

Stage 1:

This is probably the most fair objective point on any of the maps. Both sides have to run up a hill and cap the point. Neither side seems to get much of an advantage. Both have to go uphill, both have cover I mean yah this is great. Both sides of the map are both fairly open allowing either team to attempt flanking. It's so fair for both sides I don't see how anyone can complain.

There's also no vehicles or air units firing on you. Just straight shooter skill will win the day.

Stage 2:

Now the tides turn a bit in favor of the attackers. Strangely enough the attackers have the advantage on a map for once. Attackers get the high ground on both of the objective points!

Snipers get crazy good view of the point on the left and right. Defenders are in for a world of hurt here. In fact I don't think I've ever seen defenders win at this stage of the game. If attackers get past stage 1 it has always gone to stage 3.

That's not to say defenders couldn't win but the attackers have a huge advantage here. I'm OK with that. Attackers deserve to get an advantage once in a while.

Stage 3:

Defenders fall back to Maz's hideout. This is a cool area. You've got people up on the roof picking off attackers. Air units once in a while pressuring defenders now. And defenders watching doors.

The great part is just one objective point, inside a building. The area is fairly open too. There's lots of entry points and makes for a great fight on both sides!

I think the biggest downfall though is that defending players tend to stay on the roof too long and end up not defending the point inside. Not DICE's fault but that's what I see more often than not being the reason defenders lose here.

Don't think I'd change a thing at this stage. The area looks awesome, plays awesome, feels good on both sides!

And that's that for map review.

Someone better thank me for writing all this, or at least tell me I'm a ***** for taking the time to type all this up lol. Either way had some time to kill.


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