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Mixed feelings about Galactic Assault

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edited November 2017
The mode itself seems fine, but some of these maps really don't work all that well for it. Several maps like Starkiller Base and Mos Eisley are way too easy to defend. There's not enough ways to get in and around the objectives. At the same time, maps like Yavin 4, Kamino, and Kashyyk have much more flanking options with few choke points. They've got plenty of cover, so the mode works well there.

Mostly I think we just need more modes. Galactic Assault as the only 40 player mode will get old pretty fast. We need Supremacy and Walker Assault to return. They might have scripted these maps too closely for Galactic Assault. But then again, considering they only had 4 large maps at launch on the first game, I'd take Walker Assault and Supremacy on 6-8 maps.

Of course I actually want the original Galactic Conquest from the old games, but EA seems to be bent on doing anything but that. At some point they need to realize adding Galactic Conquest would counter nearly all negativity towards the franchise in one move. That's what anyone who remembers even the PSP Battlefront games wants to see in Battlefront again.

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