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On Screen Objective Icons in the way

Is there not a option somewhere to fade the onscreen objectives? There's been instances where I can see the objective icon but can't see a player b/c he's in line with the the objective...


  • I just posted a topic in feedback about this very thing. They are way to big and obtrusive in their current form.

    I tried looking in settings to no avail, so i hope someone has found something.
  • I'm glad someone else is feeling my pain with it, I couldn't find anything either. There's so much going on, I wish we could fade out the player nameplates or turn those off also.
  • NO DOUBT!!! Give us the option to turn the objective icons off. When rushing the objective all I see is a big icon which is in the way and cannot see the enemy and end up dying because they have the advantage. FIX PLEASE!!!
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