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Changing crosshair color for starfighters

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I've changed by cursor color to green to make it easier to see, but that change doesn't apply to starfighters. Can you please allow us to change that cursor color as well? Some of these maps have a predominant white background which I often lose my cursor in. Especially Fondor.

The greatest teacher, failure is.


  • Ugh, please do something about these objective markers. In one spot on at the beginning of GA Yavin we walk down a narrow corridor leading to 1 of 3 objectives directly behind it. Once I encountered 3 people shooting from the end but couldn't see them because my vision was obstructed by a big red circle.

    How do things like this game past QA?
    The greatest teacher, failure is.
  • Why cant you change the starfighter crosshair color? And they left out RED? WTF
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