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Star Wars Battlefront II - Support FAQ

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Looking for Star Wars Battlefront II help? Click any any article to find out how we can help.
Find out how to link your PSN ID and Gamertag to your EA account, and see the minimum requirements to play on PC.
Find out more about the Star Wars Battlefront II Play First Trial on Origin and EA Access.
Have a technical issue? Check here to see if we know about it and how to fix it.
Check here to find out when and how to claim your pre-order and bonus content.
Want to know what's available in-game? Check here.
Here you can learn more about the Star Card and crafting system in Star Wars Battlefront II.
Your collection displays upgrades and milestones. Check out this guide to see what you can find in your collection, and how to navigate the menu
This article will help you get started with the game! It's a simple walkthrough of the basic functions.
Everything you need to know about cheating, and what we're doing about it.
Find out how to report other players in Star Wars Battlefront II

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