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Map Balance and Voice Chat

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edited November 2017
Some of the maps are so much easier to defend than to attack. This would not be as big a problem, though, if there were an in-game voice chat that would let the attackers better coordinate/communicate.

I know with 20 ppl in there it could get very chaotic -- maybe you only talk with your squad perhaps? Or people earn the right to be a commander in a chat/battle so that they can talk, others listen, and they call the shots? I don't know the exact answer, but I think the inclusion of voice chat is a discussion that needs to occur. It would improve the game a thousand times over.

And yes, you would just mute the trolls, cause you know there would be trolls. But for the rest of us, mature adults, we could use it to make the game more tactical and engaging.
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  • Agreed! I really hope they implement this soon. I wanted to play the specialist as an intelligence support. They can see enemy troop movements, but can't tell anyone. They can't even point because we don't have that emote. We should at least be able to talk to our squad mates.
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