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Missing Deluxe Edition Content

Anybody else missing the deluxe edition content?

Have spoken to EA (terrible experience by the way) who have provided me with a deluxe upgrade code, but still no deluxe content.

Help please?


  • Checked your crates?
  • Im missing deluxe content too.
  • Same here. I paid for the deluxe upgrade but have not received any content.
  • Yep. Same here... Paid £79.99 and none of the expected content is there. ?
  • RIFRIG wrote: »
    Checked your crates?

    No crates. Just the beta, daily reward, and the newsletter crates. EAs response was simply “wait” but for how long? £80/$100 and nothing to show for it
  • I have the same crappy issue ! paid 20 euro's but no extra content at all. I put in a ticket at EA. Hopefully they will assist ...grrrrrrrr..
  • Same here guys it ***** me off really bad. They dont even answer. Where is the stuff we paid for
  • same here no fix so far
  • Update: Gokal from customer support is referring my case to "The Specialists" - Sigh. Do these people exist or am I simply never going to see my Deluxe rewards? Haha.
  • Same here, from hong kong
  • There are a lot of us with this issue by the look of it. I've sent a request for help from their customer experience department and asked EA help on twitter but they have not bothered to even send an acknowledgement. Probably inundated with millions of angry customers giving them a roasting.
  • After working with the customer experience department, where I had to - take screenshots of my psn account and history, as well as take a photo of my tv showing the psn purchase history page; I was given a code to get access to the content. Note that I had purchased on PSN the digital version and so the extra content should already have been included. I used the code and 24 hours later have still not received the content. EA said "we have found that it seems even if you had used the code, the licenses aren't properly showing up on the account, as i'm unable to see the entitlements for the pre-order on the account, and seeing as we have provided the code, it might be a problem with the PSN account registering the code". I went back and stated that my initial purchase wasn't a pre-order and didn't require a code to get content access. EA then said "it looks like it really would need to go to Sony, as they may not have gotten the store to properly apply the elite deluxe edition content. I believe you would just need to show them that you had bought the game, for them to just apply the content that should have been applied to begin with :)"

    So I'll now raise this with Sony and see what they say.... I have the feeling I'm about to be a tennis ball..
  • I sent a message to psn twitter and am awaiting a response. My account is AU but I live in UK. I'm wondering if the extra content was associated with the UK (due to my IP location), and that now there is a conflict. Is anyone else that is experiencing this issue also using a PSN account from a different country?
  • Hmmm not sure it's Sony. I download most games digitally including dlc and have never had an issue. long l've just had contact from EA by Twitter. They suggest I go into settings, account management and restore all licenses then recycle the power. (switch off and switch on in ye olde English). Just tried it but the upgrade pack has not appeared. Back to head scratching
  • Octavarius
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    Finally getting somewhere I had to provide proof that I purchased the upgrade. You need to go into your Sony account and take screenhots that prove who you are ie psn ID, email, also your transaction history to show what you bought, when you bought it and how much you paid. You then need to provide a screenshot of evidence of your gaming details. Finally you need to bring up your transaction history in your wallet on psn and take a photo of that and then send it all to them. I'm exhausted.
    Update: Despite all the hassle over the last few days I have to say that Claire at EA help was very helpful and professional . I have now received the content
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  • got it :))) there is a game update in PS4 (1.03) and after that all the creates suddenly showed up!
  • got it :))) there is a game update in PS4 (1.03) and after that all the creates suddenly showed up!

    Nice to hear man! Just downloading the update now. Will keep you all informed.
  • Lo and behold, after the update on PS4 all my missing crates were there waiting . Sweet :)
  • Hi everyone; looks like the PS4 patch fixed this problem. Shame it took 4 days. I hope everyone else’s is sorted!
  • Yes mine appeared after latest update, better late than never :-)
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