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Shock Grenade

The specialists shock grenade just seems so useless, imho. In bf2015 it would actually stun was what we need. I believe it did this in beta too. As is, the grenade does a slight amount of damage and slows people including yourself down. But I'm pretty sure enemies can dodge out of it and either way can move out quickly. It just seems to not be useful. In addition, you can't run up and melee them since it slows you as well. This also makes it hard to use the ee4 on them. Assault has grenades that easily kill multiple ppl at a time. Officers have a very effective blinding flash grenade. Heavies have barrage and impact grenade to say the least. Specialists first card is vastly inferior to all of these.
Really what I think would be best would be if it worked exactly like swbf2015 where it shocked on explosion, but doesn't leave a field for you or enemies to get stuck in. If you miss or miss time the grenade, you get nothing out of it like a normal grenade. At the very least just add the stun ability back into it, even tho this would not synergize as well with Stealth (melee bonus damage) or infiltration.
Currently this star card is just a waste of a tool/card and noticeably inferior to the other classes first/ left star card.
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