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Battle Point Event
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Flash grenades should NOT slow you down EVER FOR ANY REASON.

i have excellent spatial awareness. i know where i came from, where the door is. i get blinded i know how far EXACTLY to turn and run and get behind the doors.

flash should NEVER EVER slow you down and stop you running. you have the shock grenade for that. dont stop me from running - if i run the wrong way and die i can accept that but you might as well just make flash an immediate kill of everyone who sees it as it stands.
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  • F03hammer
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    Flash gren damage blinds and damages you.
    If you were hit by one in real life you'd be incapacitated likely, so it makes sense it would slow you down
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  • i was trained NOT to be incapacitated to the point of standing around waiting to be shot. i was trained to always know where cover is and i also was trained to remember how to get back there. either they get rid of shock and have it as shock flash (which i would accept reluctantly) or get rid of the slowing - if i run the wrong way (still possible) i will still die, but stopping you running should not be a physical effect.
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  • i will add also that the time to kill in this game is so short anyway that they dont NEED slowing during being blinded.
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