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The campaign is fine. I guess...

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I thought the campaign at the start was super fun. Being a special forces member fighting with the regular storm troopers was really cool and interesting. I wanted more squad mechanics like Republic Commando where you could command your squad to take certain positions, use turrets or complete objectives.

But the simple gameplay is fine. Its nothing special but I expected more.

Then you switch sides so fast. You barely spent any time as an Imperial. The trailers made this seem like it finally a full shooter campaign from the side of the Empire. I guess if I want to play an Empire campaign il just play Empire at war or the original Battlefront 2.

Here is how I thought the campaign was going to go.

You play as the Empire dealing with the aftermath of loosing the second death star and the Emperor. Moving from smaller battle to smaller battle trying to defend what you have left.

Then in order to play as the heros it would go into some flash backs about Vader , The Emperor , Bossk , Boba ect.

Now you trying to fight with the empire eventually it would be to much,. The lack of leadership and how splintered the empire had become would lead to infighting.
With different splinter groups forming all over the Galaxy. ( Like The Anoat sector from Star Wars Uprising with Adelhard's Imperial remnant)

But this was all planned if the emperor was ever killed. This would be a distraction so smaller portion of the Empire lead by so and so would then escape with some type of information in order to become the first order.

Iden , her squad and what her father controls would all be at the Battle of Jakku. Where they everyone would slowly be killed of in some type of heroic last stand. Played in slow motion with some sad music.

But no. What we got was a predictable. I am doing bad things I cant be part of this. Let me join the faction that I once fought against with no remorse toward killing my previous allies.

I guess its fine.

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