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Starfighter mouse sensitivity

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What do you guys use for starfighter sensitivity on the PC? I keep messing around with my settings and can't find numbers I'm satisfied with.

Currently using: 50%, 0%, 100%
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  • Sorry use a controller on xbox and find it very difficult what ever settings I use......There's a reason you'll always find me as a trooper. :s
  • I use 16% with my mouse DPI at 800. Could still use some tweaking, but it is pretty good.
  • I use:
    1000 dpi windows

    7 % starfigher
    50 % mouse response
    75 % mouse precision
  • windows default

    dpi 800
    polling 1000

    10 % star fighter
    20 % mouse response
    20 % mouse precision

    Haven't done fine tuning. Just tried these numbers and could get kills so left it.
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