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Galactic Assault games are too short

Most games feel like they end prematurely. I'd say double the tickets but also double the time need to capture points


  • I'm thinking back to SW Battlefront I, I think the problem might lay in that the objective point tend to be cramped in some levels so at times one side is whiping the the other side all at once so there is noone left to defend. SW B1 in most instances the objectives were more open, so it was harder to whip out one side, so there was always someone there to contest. With some of the closed quarters if the opponent throws greneades from all angles and nonone has a way to diffuse the grenades... in some of the more open battles I've seen sides hold off objectives. That battle where you're at the force awakens cantina palace fighting for the first hill I've seen some pretty good battles, it kind of goes downhill for the rebels after that first hill but that is one of my favorite objective to fight over. The yavin base first few objectives have been pretty fun to fight over in my experience.
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