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error code an connections an other etc

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edited November 2017
i have been getting an error code 327 an my internet connection are just when i am playin on multiplayer i get a freeze up alittle bit like a bump an this needs to be fixed ASAP! cause my friends are having the same issue!! plz comply an take this serious! an one other thing would be great when picking the Galastic Assault that we can pick our own maps, would be alot more easier cause certain maps i dont wanna play on! :) had to redo error code it was 327 not 325 sorry all!!
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  • Me too, i get occasional freezing and sometimes completely kicked out of game with main loading screen. About every other game!!!
  • Same here.
  • yeah ive only been able to play the game 3 times because when i join a server on multiplayer it just freezes on the loadingscreen forever and i cant even shutdown the game properly it causes me to hard reboot my pc every **** time.
  • Hi me too!!!!!.
    I have lag in all modes!!.
    I live in Argentina and i play in servers of brazil!!!. My ping is 35
  • just an update on my end it is still not fixed at all that error code of 327 an it does this every other matches!! come on now EA fix this stuff now geezz!!
  • I don't get the error code but I do have a lot of connection issues..I get a screen that is black at the top and white at the bottom in between games and I do get kicked from games as well.I also can sit with my sentry on a player and they are unaffected by it. I have taken a few videos of that and players teleporting back and forth across a room.After the patch they did things got a lot worse.
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