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Level of attacker does not increase

Hey Guys,

i had a little problem. Unswarning the level of my attacker does not increase. I've already made about a hundred kills and played with him for hours and he's still level 0. For all others (tank, officer, sniper) it works.
Please help me.


  • Leveling up a specific class is done through increasing that class' star card count (rarity of card is factored in as well). For star cards, the rarity has a numerical value assigned to it. Specifically, one common card is equal to 1, one uncommon card is equal to 2, one rare card is equal to 3, and one epic card is equal to 4. So, if you have four common star cards, your class level would be four. Now say you have three common star cards and one uncommon star card, your class level would be five (since three common cards plus one uncommon card equals five). I hope this helps.
  • Oh thank you for helping me!
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